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Products: HGH Monster, Osta Monster, Testo Monster

 HGH  Monster:  Human Growth Hormone is a hardcore product that you have always been looking for ! Now it is available from Burneika Sports ! HGH Monster is a mega mixture, which first of all increase the growth hormone level in your organism. Besides that, our product guarantees  effective muscle regenaration. It is not the end of all advantages of HGH Monster - thanks to this product, you will speed up the growth and muscles` tissue repair, which is essential to build muscle mass. The last but not least benefit of the product is fact that it ensures good nights sleep, which in turn plays a great role during the cycle.

Osta Monster:

For Bulking :

Shines best when used for gaining lean muscle (bulking) as it is the most anabolic of all the SARMS .Suggested dosage is 20 mg for 4-6 weeks. PCT is not necessary. An increase of 6 lbs. of lean, keepable gains can be observed during this period.

You can take Osta as high as 40 mg for 8 weeks BUT only if you weigh 210 lbs. Suppression is expected in higher doses so PCT after a cycle is a must.

For Cutting:

Osta can help cut whilst preserving muscle gains and decreasing calories. Suggested dosing is 10-20 mg for 4-6 weeks.

Preventing Injuries: The effects of Osta convert to anabolism in bone and skeletal muscle tissue, which means it could be used in the future for different purposes such as osteoporosis and as a simultaneous treatment with drugs that decrease bone density. So, it has great use as a compound for injury recovery, specifically bone and tendon related injuries.Suggested dosage is 10mg a day.

Osta has a half-life of 24 hours. Each dose should be taken ONCE per day or maximum twice avery 12 hr.

Osta Monster Side Effects: 

Osta is fully side effect free. The only threat is that it’s possible to experience some mild natural test shut down in cycles over 4 weeks, but the time between cycles are only 4 weeks.


Man - Take 20mg (2 capsules) a day.

Woman - Take 10mg (1 capsules) a day.Prior to use, consult with your medical practitioner about the recomended doses.DO NOT EXCEED 3 CAPSULES IN ANY 24-HOUR PERIOD

TESTO Monster is what you are looking for! This natural supplement will help you recover your vigor! Special testosterone matrix, which has been prepared with the most demanding users in mind, guarantees a sure satisfaction! 

Main advantages of TESTO Monster:

  • natural Testosterone Booster - ideal support during the creatine cycle 
  • quick and effective increase of testosterone level in the natural way
  • energy level growth and fatigue reduction
  • decrease of cortizol secretion and anti-catabolic protection
  • anti-estrogen effect

Why TESTO Monster is so unique? The secret lies in some specially chosen ingredients which, combined together, give unforgettable impact! Stinging Nettle Root Extract helps with joint problems; it is also used with all kinds of urination troubles and support the respiratory system.  Mucuna Pruriens Seed, also known as velvet bean, is another significant ingredient. It is the precursor of dopamine which put us in a good mood and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine in case of Parkinson's disease. One of the biggest advantage of this substance is its influence on HGH release. Another component of TESTO Monster is Prunella Vulgaris Spike which, first of all, helps decrease blood pressure. Moreover, it reduces sugar level in our bloodstream and is helpful for decreasing blood cholesterol. Studies have shown that the substance has also some anti-cancer effect. The last but the most important ingredient in this product is NMDA (N-Methyl D aspartic acid). This water-soluble substance is one of the most powerful hormonal regulator! It increases testosterone level at once. In addition, NMDA stimulates the work of anabolic compounds in our organism! The presence of D-aspartic acid guarantees the growth of both HGH and testosterone level ! As you can see, TESTO Monster consists of many valuable ingredients. The product should be the fundamental item for those who both crave reliable impulse and want to experience something more!

Recommended use:  As a dietary supplement take one capsule of TESTO three times per day with food or take two capsules pre-workout and one at night. Do not exceed four weeks of continuous use! TESTO Monster can be used as a natural post cycle therapy (PCT)