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Hardcore cutting cycle

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Products: Lipo Rush,Testo Monster, Sten Monster

 Recommended use: WARNING ! This cykle only for men, for women recommended only LipoRush ! Graet results 

Lipo Rush: first week take 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach with glass of water. Second week 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule after noon on empty stomach (after 5-6 hr from first capsule).

 Testo Monster: take 2 capsules 30 min prior to training and 1 capsule prior to bedtime .

 Sten Monster: take One capsule once or twice daily after a meal or according to the specialist recommendations 

 Lipo Rush: The grainy and chiseled look of professional bodybuilders weeks before a show is finally within your reach. Whether you're on your way to getting a pro-card, or you just want to make jaws drop on the beach, with an impossibly lean and shredded physique, LipoRush has the science to back its ability to shed fat, crush appetite, and provide all-day-long energy to power you through even the most grueling workout.

At the heart of our formula is T2, a close cousin to T3, which is the primary thyroid molecule responsible for regulating metabolic rate. In the past, T3 was the only option to increase the metabolism and burn fat, but it came at the cost of two very fundamental flaws. One, it burned muscle as easily as it burned fat, and two it was extremely suppressive of the thyroid's natural production, which meant that coming off meant you were doomed to putting weight back on. T2 has all the benefits of T3 without those side effects, which means you can now easily burn away at that stubborn bodyfat while preserving lean tissue and when you come off LipoRush (although we don't know why you would!) there is no backlash to your efforts.

Even the most effective metabolism support will still fail you if your appetite and energy levels aren't fully optimized, so Burneika Sports made sure to include an arsenal of effective appetite suppressants, lipolytic factors which release stubborn fat from those hard to cut places, and powerful stimulants to curb your appetite so  you can power through a tough workout on lowered caloric intake.

We also included Corosolic Acid which increased insulin sensitivity and shuttles nutrients, aka calories, where you need it most, into muscle tissue, rather than getting stored as fat. 1,3 DimethylButylamine was included for stimulant properties . Nothing else, legal or otherwise, comes close to its ability to suppress cravings and propel you through the day effortlessly.

Our Lypolytic Matrix, including caffeine, halostachine, tyrosine and raspberry ketones, squeeze even the most stubborn fat out of those hard to burn areas, helping you to get that chiseled look even quicker.

If your first priority is to get into the best conditioned body you've ever had, then LipoRush has what it takes to transform your body into a never before seen example of shredded perfection!

  1. In order to increase the energy level it is recommended to use the product on an empty stomach
  2. People sensitive to the effects of stimulants should take it with meals
  3. Do not take more than 1 caps per single dose
  4. Using the product during fat reduction it is good to take the product in the morning on an empty stomach, directly before the aerobic exercises. 
  5. Maximum dose of the product is 2 caps per day
  6. Using the product before the sleep may cause sleeplessness

STEN MONSTER  - 60 kaps

Increased anabolism | Libido boost | Strong fat-burning properties

Sten Monster is a real revolution on the market. Thanks to the product, not only can you get rid of body fat, but also improve the building of lean muscle mass. Sten Monster supports recovery processes and its wide healing and regeneration properties make the product really outstanding among other positions available. If you look for a complex help, Sten Monster is a solution for your problems! s



  • Increase of lean muscle mass
  • Fster muscle regeneration
  • Healing and recovery support
  • Body fat reduction


One capsule once or twice daily after a meal or according to the specialist recommendations 


Only for people over 18 years of age. The product may cause a temporary side effects such as hair loss or acne. If you take any prescribed medications, go for a consultation with your health care provider. Do not use the product with any medication for liver protection. Do not use the product if you suffer from diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, liver disorders or endocrine system problems. Decrease the dose if any side effects appear. If problems do not go by, stop taking the product. Keep in mind tha the product mught be banned by some sports organisations. Keep the produc safe and away from children! 


One portion – 1 capsule

Portions in one packages: 60

In one portion  % daily value

Stenabolic [SR9009]) 10mg**

Other ingredients: rice flour, magnesium stearate, gelatine

(DV) Daily value based on 2000 kcal diet

** Daily value not established 

TESTO Monster is what you are looking for! This natural supplement will help you recover your vigor! Special testosterone matrix, which has been prepared with the most demanding users in mind, guarantees a sure satisfaction! 

Main advantages of TESTO Monster:

  • natural Testosterone Booster - ideal support during the creatine cycle 
  • quick and effective increase of testosterone level in the natural way
  • energy level growth and fatigue reduction
  • decrease of cortizol secretion and anti-catabolic protection
  • anti-estrogen effect

Why TESTO Monster is so unique? The secret lies in some specially chosen ingredients which, combined together, give unforgettable impact! Stinging Nettle Root Extract helps with joint problems; it is also used with all kinds of urination troubles and support the respiratory system.  Mucuna Pruriens Seed, also known as velvet bean, is another significant ingredient. It is the precursor of dopamine which put us in a good mood and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine in case of Parkinson's disease. One of the biggest advantage of this substance is its influence on HGH release. Another component of TESTO Monster is Prunella Vulgaris Spike which, first of all, helps decrease blood pressure. Moreover, it reduces sugar level in our bloodstream and is helpful for decreasing blood cholesterol. Studies have shown that the substance has also some anti-cancer effect. The last but the most important ingredient in this product is NMDA (N-Methyl D aspartic acid). This water-soluble substance is one of the most powerful hormonal regulator! It increases testosterone level at once. In addition, NMDA stimulates the work of anabolic compounds in our organism! The presence of D-aspartic acid guarantees the growth of both HGH and testosterone level ! As you can see, TESTO Monster consists of many valuable ingredients. The product should be the fundamental item for those who both crave reliable impulse and want to experience something more!